The Sangamon Difference

Welcome to Camp Sangamon, for boys ages 9-16! We are different. You’ve likely landed here in part because of our differences. If you join us at Camp Sangamon, you will take your summer into your own hands. You will choose your path each and every day. Any activity you want, for as long as you want. Move on when you’re ready, stay as long as you’d like. Our activity periods are yours to enjoy. We don't tell you where to go, and we don't tell you what to do. Parents, the personal choices your son makes in a safe, supportive environment will create independence and initiative, and allow him to make good decisions as he moves through childhood and beyond.. The life skills learned at Camp Sangamon will build and serve your son throughout his life.

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Camp Sangamon For Boys

We’re located on two hundred acres just outside of Rutland, Vermont. Our property includes pasture, forest, and a small lake. Sangamon was founded in 1922, and we’ve based our many years of success on a philosophical belief in camper choice in a way that is unique in the Summer Camp world. While every camp says that campers choose their own activities, very few camps mean it in the way that we do. Each day at Sangamon your son will have a menu of fun to choose from, and unlike at many places, his choices are amendable.

"Went to woodshop but it seems like Weavery is having more fun, so I'll go there instead!"

We believe Camp is a perfect setting to give children the chance to make their own decisions, to learn how to choose their own paths. Read on to find out more about our community and our philosophy, and learn whether Sangamon is the right place for you or your son this summer.

The Sangamon Philosophy

Sangamon believes in the basic good sense and intelligence of children. We believe that if we create a safe, interesting environment for them our campers will learn to make good decisions. Our goal is to build that environment, couple it with a strong sense of community and kindness, and let the children choose their own individual adventure.

Our Camp Community

Our community is made up of 90 campers, 45 staff, and 30 counselors-in-training. We represent a diverse group of races, nationalities, religions, and economic backgrounds. In a typical year we come from at least twenty states and ten countries. Camper ages range from 9 to 15 years. We live in cabin groups of eight to ten campers, and three staff leaders. The staff are often joined by an Intern, the term we use for the third year of our counselor-in-training program.

"At Sangamon, I get to make my own schedule, every day. Nobody tells me where I have to be and when. The freedom to choose how I spend my day gives me the freedom to be myself."

~Third Year Camper, Age 13

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