Betsey Cox - Camp Sangamon, Vermont Summer Camp for boys

Betsey Cox

Betsey Cox - Sangamon’s Sister Camp

Betsey Cox and Sangamon share a pasture fence and a common belief in children and the self-structured program. Since its founding in 1953, Camp Betsey Cox has been a leader in girls’ camping. It continues in that role, offering young women the opportunity to develop self-confidence, initiative, and leadership in a single-gender setting. The brother-sister relationship between the camps emphasizes active friendship rather than social life. The camps are run by one family; Lorrie and Daughter Devri run Betsey Cox, Mike and son Jed run Sangamon. The camps share history and philosophies, but operate autonomously.

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The camp is accredited by the American Camp Association, the only nationally recognized organization of its kind. The ACA accreditation means the camp has passed the stringent standards for safety, staff, facilities, and operation