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Posted on December 23 2012 by crescen3 in News,

Sangamon is working hard to expand our communication with our alumni, current campers, and parents. One of the ways we'll be doing that is through this site, where we will be posting news articles relevant to Camp Sangamon from time to time. Our first posting follows.

It was a busier Autumn than usual on Sangamon hill. Many of you are aware that we've completed three new buildings in the last two years: a blacksmith shop, a gorgeous Cambodian-style cabin (well, almost completed in this case) and the crown jewel of the main yard, the new Arts and Crafts building. What far fewer of you know is that the work on our infrastructure continued on into the fall. The lower lodge (Traylor Lodge) roof had long been a problem spot for us. Our best carpenters had been unable to come up with a permanent solution to keep it leak-free, and in the past few years it had reached a point where we were patching it every year. A more permanent solution was clearly called for, and with a very succesful summer behind us, this seemed like the year to work out a solution.

A local carpenter who owns land adjacent to Camp was hired to work up a plan of attack, present it to Jed, and if approved, implement it before snowfall. The crux of our issue with the building revolved around the extension put on it in the seventies which had served as our Arts and Crafts space. It was not a well-constructed addition, and not only did it fail to provide the sort of space we wanted as time went on, it's roof was pitched too low for our weather patterns. This meant that under a heavy snow load it would not shed the snow or ice, and would begin to pull on the lodge itself. As the Traylor lodge dates back nearly to the first years of Camp, it was 1) becoming less likely to make it through a winter with each passing year and 2) a building that we really wanted to preserve in a recognizable form.

Thankfully this proved possible. With a brand new Arts and Crafts space just a stone's throw away, we no longer needed the old Arts and Crafts room. When camp ended we proceeded to tear it down to it's deck, which allowed us to get at the Traylor Lodge roof. From there we turned the work over to a professional. A new wall was built, new metal tie rods were fabricated and installed to keep the Traylor Lodge in good shape, some structural work was done to the chimney, and a new roof of plywood and asphalt shingles was installed.The work was done by the first of November, and it looks great. More importantly it insures that the Traylor Lodge will remain as a gathering spot and a rainy day activity center for many years to come. It always feels good to preserve a piece of Camp's history, and we're delighted this has worked out so well. 

We'll tell you more about some of the Autumn projects around Camp in the early days of 2013 after we've had a good holiday break. Happy Holidays, all, and best wishes for the New Year. We'll see you in June, July, or August!

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