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Giving Back the Neighborhood

Posted on March 20 2018 by Jediah Byrom in Blog,
        There was a time, back in the 50’s and 60’s, when boys and girls learned a lot of valuable les- sons and social skills in the “neighborhood”. Kids learned how to set up games, to play fair, to be inclusive, to share,... read more »

Let Them Wander!

Posted on April 17 2017 by Jediah Byrom in Blog,
         My dad built me plywood rowboat when I was six. I named it Galaxy, which was also Captain Video’s spaceship. To my surprise, I discovered that in order to go anywhere, I had to row facing backward. Eventually, I trained as a history... read more »

A Letter to “Charlie”, a new Camper.

Posted on March 29 2013 by Jediah Byrom in Blog,
Dear "Charlie", I'm guessing your name really isn’t Charlie, but since you’re imagining yourself at Camp Sangamon, I’m hoping that you can also imagine, just for a few minutes, that your name is Charlie. I’m writing to you to try to... read more »

Teenage Boys

Posted on March 09 2013 by Jediah Byrom in Blog,
Sangamon and the teen-age boy. Who they are, what we do, and why it works. - Mike Byrom The letter reads, “Help!” My teenage boy has turned into someone I don’t know! He has entered a dark place and I don’t understand him anymore.... read more »

News from Sangamon

Posted on December 23 2012 by crescen3 in News,
Sangamon is working hard to expand our communication with our alumni, current campers, and parents. One of the ways we'll be doing that is through this site, where we will be posting news articles relevant to Camp Sangamon from time to time. Our first posting follows. It was a... read more »

Our first blog entry!

Posted on December 13 2012 by crescen3 in Blog,
Camp Sangamon is trying out a new idea for our website. Over the course of an offseason, Mike and Jed both see, hear, or read things which strike them as being particularly pertinent to camp. In the past we may have mentioned this to a few people on the phone,... read more »
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